Budget Travel to Siargao Island (Surfing Capital of the Philippines) for only ₱5,000 / 96USD

Siargao Surfing
Siargao Surfing


Siargao Island is one of my favorite island in the Philippines. There are also so many beautiful islands in the Philippines top choices is Coron, El Nido Palawan but as a surfer I love going to Siargao.

Siargao group of islands is paradise! It is best known for its ginormous waves during its season. Surfers from all over the world come together to ride the waves of Cloud 9.

Best time to go to Siargao if you want to surf would be the months of August-September. But there is more to Siargao than just surfing!

Siargao is a piece of heaven on earth are its people and natural wonders. From lagoons, caves, underground coves and rock pools, Siargao is definitely a paradise!

via Cebu CityCEBU PACIFIC AIR have direct flights to Siargao from Cebu City so if you’re coming from Manila, you have to fly to Cebu first. You can also opt for a flight to Surigao City and Butuan City.
*CEBU PACIFIC AIR offers the best rates to Siargao for as low as ₱1,298 Roundtrip! All you need to do is be alert during seat sales!

Ultimate Guide Siargao Island

By boat via Cebu City, fare is only ₱825 Economy or ₱1000 for tourist room in the boat going to Surigao Port.

via Surigao City: You still need to ride a roro or boat from Surigao Port to Dapa port for 2.5 hours. Fare is at ₱250. The last roro schedule to Dapa is at 12:30nn.

via Butuan City: Ride a van to Surigao City just outside the airport for almost 4 hours. Fare is at ₱200.


There are plenty of room options in the island from high-end hotels and resorts to budget hostels and backpacker inns. Siargao Bleu Resort and Isla Cabana are the more popular resort choices. But if you are a budget traveler, I would recommend Port 303 and Moonlight Homestay in General Luna. It is cheap and close to Cloud 9 surfing area rate is ₱380 with breakfast. There are also fan rooms in the island at ₱150 for 12hrs. Just ask some locals for referrals. Please note that rooms in Siargao easily gets fully booked so you better book ahead.

Day 1

7:40 AM- Flight from Cebu to Siargao- ₱799
8:40 AM- Arrival in Siargao
Travel to General Luna- . Tip: MAKE FRIENDS with some locals but be genuine, of course. A very generous local offered us a ride from Sayak Airport to General Luna. Not even a minute yet in Siargao and this island pulled my heart strings already.

Alternatively, Sayak airport, you can take a van for ‎₱300/head or a habal-habal (motorcycle) for ‎₱200/head. It will take around 40 minutes to reach the resorts in General Luna. This is where Port 303 is located.
10:00 AM- Leave bags at Point 303- ₱300
10:30 AM- Start of island hopping activity- ₱240 (₱1,200/boat)
11:00 AM- Naked Island
12:00 NN- Lunch at Daku Island- ₱150
You may buy lunch ahead at the public market or town center before the island hopping.
Beach bumming in Daku Island

3:00 PM- Travel back to Gen. Luna to SURF!
4:30 PM- Surfboard rental- ₱250/hr
7:00 PM- Dinner- ₱150
TOTAL = ₱1,890

Day 2

7:30 AM- Breakfast at Carinderia- ₱70
8:30 AM- Magpupungko Rock Pools Rent a bike for ₱350
9:30 AM- Magpupungko Pool Rocks
11:30 AM- Lunch at Magpupungko – ₱120
There are eateries for you to dine at Magpupungko.

1:30 PM- Tayangban Cave- ₱20
3:30 PM- Back in General Luna
Beach bum at Cloud 9 or surf again.

7:00 PM- Freshen up at Point 303- ₱300
7:30 PM- Dinner- ₱150
TOTAL = ₱660

Day 3

5:30 AM- Wake up call for Bucas Grande Tour – ₱700 (₱3,500/boat)
*Do some grocery shopping at the market first. Your boatman will cook for you at Sohoton Cove.
*Travel time is around 3 hours by boat from Siargao.
9:00 AM- Arrival at Bucas Grande
*Snacks on board- ₱100
9:30 AM – Hagukan Cave, Sohoton and Jellyfish Sanctuary
-Entrance- ₱50
-Environmental Fee- ₱50
-Smaller pumpboat to the coves- ₱100 (₱500/boat)
-Guide Fees- ₱66 (330/two guides)
-Paddler boat to jellyfish sanctuary- ₱100
*Your boat from Siargao will dock at Sohoton. Your group will then transfer to a smaller pumpboat to explore Sohoton, and another transfer to a paddle boat to access the jellyfish area.
12:00 NN – Lunch @ Bucas Grande- 120
*Your boatman will cook your food while you start your island activity. Be sure to arrange this with your operator.

1:00 PM – Side trip to Club Tara
*We paid nothing since we just took aerial shots of the resort while swimming in the area.
2:00 PM – Travel back to Siargao
5:00 PM- Arrive in Siargao
*Freshen up at Point 303- ₱300
7:00 PM- Dinner- ₱150
TOTAL = ₱1,736

Day 4

6:00 AM- Sunrise watching
7:00 AM- Breakfast- ₱70
9:00 AM- Departure
*There are flights departing from Siargao to Cebu in the morning and afternoon via Cebu Pacific Air. – ₱499
TOTAL = ₱569



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